Think you have Bed Bugs? Here is step 1…

Having a bed bug issue can be a traumatizing experience for most people.  Even though they haven’t been proven to carry disease and are classified as a nuisance pest.  For some reason just knowing that these disgusting little critters set up shop and remain just out of sight but close to us is enough to keep us up and night in fear and disgust.

Adult bed bug feeding on human host

Adult bed bug feeding on human host

If you believe you have a bed bug issue or any pest problem for that matter, the first step is ALWAYS the same.  You must identify the pest properly. That is usually straightforward with the majority of pests and treatment is just as black and white.  What makes bed bugs so challenging is not only the precise and expensive treatments but identifying the pest in the very early stages of the infestation.

The normal protocol for treatment by most pest control companies is to treat an entire house regardless if one bed bug is found in one room or they are found throughout the whole house.  This can be very effective but also expensive especially when treating your entire house is not necessary.

So that leads us to our service… ( by the way we are a third-party inspection service, we don’t treat or make commission off of treatment, but can help you choose the best company for your situation ) 

Bed bug detection dogs can be an extremely effective way to:

  1. Confirm whether you actually have a bed bug infestation or not.

  2. The severity of the infestation.

  3. Which rooms need treated or not.

Considering effective treatments usually cost close to a $1000+ it is definitely in your best interested to not treat areas that don’t have an issue.  

Here are some other advantages of using bed bug dogs:

  1. Can detect as few as one bed bug.

  2. Save hundreds to thousands of dollars in treatment costs by accurately detecting the infested areas and confirming other areas are bed bug free.

  3. Prevents the unnecessary use of pesticides for bed bug treatment.

  4. Peace of mind.  Many times other pest control professionals don’t have the ability to detect early infestations and the customer is left without a clear answer if they have an infestation or not.  Our bed bug detection dog teams can put the issue to rest one way or another so you can have resolution.

Last of all,  please do your homework.  Be cautious of companies that own Bed Bug K9s and also provide treatment.  Verify that they subcontract their dog services with a company like ours.   With our service there is no question that we are on your side and whether you have them or not makes no difference since we get no commission on treatment sales.  We will do our best for you regardless of the circumstances.

For more information about the first and most crucial step in bed bug treatment please feel free to call us at 480.437.4335.