Bed Bug Exterminator - How to choose one

By Keith Coddington

Choosing a Bed Bug Exterminator in Phoenix Arizona can be a challenge considering the overwhelming number of bed bug treatment methods and businesses competing with each other.  Below you will find tips on finding the best treatment at the best price from an honest and ethical pest control bed bugs in need of a bed bug exterminator

First of all, why should you trust our opinion?  We have over 30 bed bug exterminators that use our bed bug detection dog services.  We are very familiar with all of the treatment methods and how successful the treatments are since we routinely complete pre and post bed bug treatment inspections for these pest control companies.  We offer a non-biased third party point of view focused on consumer protection.  Additionally, we do not profit from bed bug treatment and only get paid for our inspection services whether bugs are found or not.

  • Make sure the problem you have is in fact bed bugs.  If you have one of the bugs take a close-up in focus picture of it so we can identify it for FREE.  More information on this can be found in our Step by Step Guide - Dealing with Bed Bugs.

  • Ask for references from the bed bug detection dog service and the bed bug exterminator that you will have treat the problem.

  • Last of all and most importantly,  Let us here at Cimex K9 help you for FREE.  We already have all the answers and research above done for you and it is from first hand experience with the bed bug exterminators here in Phoenix Arizona.  Call us and we can guide you through the process Free of charge.

The bed bug exterminators we recommend in Phoenix, AZ are being recommended because they provide the best service.  We have completed thousands of post-treatment bed bug dog inspections in Arizona over the last 4 years and we can help you get your problem resolved the same day.

 For more information contact Cimex K9 at 480-437-4334