Step 1 - Inspection:

  • Find all areas infested with bed bugs.  By using our bed bug dog detection service you can save hundreds if not thousands by only having to treat the affected rooms and not the entire residence as most pest control companies will recommend.

Step 2 - Select Bed Bug Treatment:

  • If we determined that you have an infestation we will always show you the physical evidence.
  • Although we coordinate your treatment, we are a third party that does not profit from bed bug treatments and we only get paid for the inspection services.  We more than likely will recommend a method which will kill all live bed bugs in one day.  We will educate you on the pros and cons of the different treatment options available from our network of 30+ pest control companies and we will coordinate the best treatment for you at our discounted rates.

Step 3 - Complete Bed Bug Treatment:

  • Have the bed bug treatment from our network of exterminators completed.

Step 4 - Post-treatment Inspection:

  • Have us return for a post-treatment bed bug K-9 inspection after the bed bug treatment or before the pest control company’s warranty or guarantee expires to ensure the treatment was 100% effective.
  • In the unlikely event the treatment was not effective the pest control company will be required to re-treat at no additional cost to you in nearly every case and as a courtesy we will not charge for the second post-treatment bed bug dog inspection.