Ross the Bed Bug Detection Dog

By Keith Coddington

Ross the bed bug detection dog has been with Phoenix, Arizona based Cimex K9 for 4 years.  He is a bed bug detection dog icon and has never let us down.  He has been with Cimex K9 from the beginning and continues to impress with his amazing sense of smell and work ethic.

Ross has served Phoenix, AZ based Cimex K9 for 4 years and continues to thrive at his job

Ross started off with a prison trained canine organization.  Since he was rescued his exact age is not known, however as of March 2014 he is believed to be approximately 5.5 years old. The prison trained canine organization recognized something special in him and realized he had the right characteristics to be evaluated as a working dog.  Once he passed his initial obedience training and was tested for detection work he was sent to Cimex K9 to become a very important part of the bed bug treatment process.

His amazing social skills are always appreciated among our customers.  When he isn’t working he loves to soak up some attention from anyone willing to share.

Unlike most human employees detection dogs greatly enjoy physical work and it is what they live for.  It is their passion or obsession.  They will outwork their human handlers any day of the week and Ross’ has done this day in and day out for the last 4 years.  These types of dogs are so highly driven that they usually do not make for good pets considering their extreme needs for mental and physical stimulation.

Here are some of Ross’ notable accomplishments through February 2014 over his 4 year career.


  • 1,344 Houses

  • 27,216 Apartments

  • 199,968 Auditorium chairs

  • 137,568 Offices / Cubicals

  • 13,881 Medical / Hospital rooms

Ross the bed bug dog absolutely obsessed with his toys

Ross the bed bug dog has saved the good name of Cimex K9 many times when he insisted that there were bed bugs present that were extremely difficult to find after he alerted to a specific area.  Time and time again when we have doubted Ross because we couldn’t easily find something  he has come through and proven why he is such an asset to Cimex K9.

Ross has also passed his yearly third party bed bug certifications with flying colors.  All certification on Cimex K9’s teams are set up at or above the National Pest Management Associations guidelines.  The most memorable certification was when Ross’ and his handler were both ill with a stomach virus.  The certification official was only here 1 day for the Scottsdale Bedbug dog certifications for one day so the team had no choice but to attempt certification.  Ross and his handler were able to push through and somehow pass.  They were both obviously nowhere near 100%, but both wanted to work and certified.  Immediately after the certification Ross and his handler’s celebration consisted of rolling up in the fetal position on the floor with each other wishing they were in home in bed.

Should you need the services of Ross or any of the Cimex K9 team please feel free to call us with more information at 888-928-4364