Our goal is to have your room back online as quick as possible and to protect your company from law suits due to bedbugs biting your customers and employees.  We also find it is just as important to protect the reputation of your business as reports of bedbug infestations travel fast and can quickly tarnish your establishment’s reputation.  By using our services you are utilizing the most accurate and effective means of bedbug detection available.  This is not only good practice for any location that is at risk for bedbug infestations, but it also proves due diligence should any litigation arise.

Routine inspections are the best possible way to insure your customers and employees are not exposed to bedbugs.  We can search the average unit in 10 minutes or less with our certified bedbug K9 and licensed Pest Control Technician.

Our customers receive written reports after every inspection.  Quite often there are reports of bedbugs that are just not true and using our service to confirm or deny these reports can ensure you have the correct information in hand.

One of the most important parts of any Multi-Modal Bedbug Abatement program is educating your staff so they can be aware of and identify possible bedbug infestations in their early stages.

We can provide this training at your location or through our web-based class.  Upon completion of the course each employee will be issued a certificate of completion and will be an important part of this process.