Think you have Bed Bugs? Here is step 1…

Having a bed bug issue can be a traumatizing experience for most people.  Even though they haven’t been proven to carry disease and are classified as a nuisance pest.  For some reason just knowing that these disgusting little critters set up shop and remain just out of sight but close to us is enough to keep us up and night in fear and disgust.

Adult bed bug feeding on human host

Adult bed bug feeding on human host

If you believe you have a bed bug issue or any pest problem for that matter, the first step is ALWAYS the same.  You must identify the pest properly. That is usually straightforward with the majority of pests and treatment is just as black and white.  What makes bed bugs so challenging is not only the precise and expensive treatments but identifying the pest in the very early stages of the infestation.

The normal protocol for treatment by most pest control companies is to treat an entire house regardless if one bed bug is found in one room or they are found throughout the whole house.  This can be very effective but also expensive especially when treating your entire house is not necessary.

So that leads us to our service… ( by the way we are a third-party inspection service, we don’t treat or make commission off of treatment, but can help you choose the best company for your situation ) 

Bed bug detection dogs can be an extremely effective way to:

  1. Confirm whether you actually have a bed bug infestation or not.

  2. The severity of the infestation.

  3. Which rooms need treated or not.

Considering effective treatments usually cost close to a $1000+ it is definitely in your best interested to not treat areas that don’t have an issue.  

Here are some other advantages of using bed bug dogs:

  1. Can detect as few as one bed bug.

  2. Save hundreds to thousands of dollars in treatment costs by accurately detecting the infested areas and confirming other areas are bed bug free.

  3. Prevents the unnecessary use of pesticides for bed bug treatment.

  4. Peace of mind.  Many times other pest control professionals don’t have the ability to detect early infestations and the customer is left without a clear answer if they have an infestation or not.  Our bed bug detection dog teams can put the issue to rest one way or another so you can have resolution.

Last of all,  please do your homework.  Be cautious of companies that own Bed Bug K9s and also provide treatment.  Verify that they subcontract their dog services with a company like ours.   With our service there is no question that we are on your side and whether you have them or not makes no difference since we get no commission on treatment sales.  We will do our best for you regardless of the circumstances.

For more information about the first and most crucial step in bed bug treatment please feel free to call us at 480.437.4335.

FAQ - Bed Bug Detection Dogs - Part 2 - How do you train dogs to find bed bugs?

By Keith Coddington

The very short answer would be bed bug detection canines are all trained by associating the target odor with a reward that highly motivates the dog.

And the short answer would be:

The process is essentially the same as with other scent disciplines such as contraband detection dogs, narcotics or explosives.

For us the most difficult part of the process is finding a suitable bed bug detection dog candidate.  Since we only work with toy reward canines, the dog must be absolutely obsessed with toys.  The canine could have a freight train go past feet away and still be focused on a toy in your hand with a death stare.  In every environment and everywhere this focus would remain the same.  Once you have this you know your dog will do anything at any time to play with that toy.

You then test and teach the dog to find this toy under a variety of circumstances with many extreme distractions around.  If the dog continues to hunt for the toy and never ever give up then you can continue to associating the odor with the toy.   There are various ways to accomplish this task from scented toys, to scent boxes and so on.


Once the dog starts realizing every time a certain odor is around a toy appears they begin to realize the target odor = toy and play.  From this point it is mostly about fine tuning the process and having the dog perform the specific tasks you require of it.  For example if I was training an explosives dog I would want the dog to detect the odor at greater distances, if I was primarily searching cars for contraband I wouldn’t need to teach that dog the specific search pattern of a vehicle.  Since we are talking bed bug dogs we need to teach the dog to heavily sniff furniture for the small amount of bed bug odor we need to find.

The complete answer on how to train these dogs is something that takes detection dog trainers years to develop nor should it ever stop developing.  Just like humans, every detection dog has preferences, personalities, likes, dislikes and the little quirks that come with any living being.  Nothing but experience and a large toolbox of different techniques and philosophies to reference can get a trainer and handler through some of the common and bizarre issues that will happen with all detection dogs at some point in time.

The most important thing is having a handler recognize these issues before the problem becomes so severe that it is past the point of no return.  The more experience a detection dog trainer has the better the chances of being able to save a dog with some issues, but we have seen far too many dogs be given up on when a few easy training techniques returned the dog to full performance level.

To see our dogs in action check out our videos.

Cimex K9 is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that has been training and offering bed bug treatment and detection services for over 4 years.  Our consistent track record has provided us and the over 30 pest control companies that contract our services the highest level of service possible.

For more information please contact Cimex K9 at  888.928.4364

Bed Bug Exterminator - How to choose one

By Keith Coddington

Choosing a Bed Bug Exterminator in Phoenix Arizona can be a challenge considering the overwhelming number of bed bug treatment methods and businesses competing with each other.  Below you will find tips on finding the best treatment at the best price from an honest and ethical pest control bed bugs in need of a bed bug exterminator

First of all, why should you trust our opinion?  We have over 30 bed bug exterminators that use our bed bug detection dog services.  We are very familiar with all of the treatment methods and how successful the treatments are since we routinely complete pre and post bed bug treatment inspections for these pest control companies.  We offer a non-biased third party point of view focused on consumer protection.  Additionally, we do not profit from bed bug treatment and only get paid for our inspection services whether bugs are found or not.

  • Make sure the problem you have is in fact bed bugs.  If you have one of the bugs take a close-up in focus picture of it so we can identify it for FREE.  More information on this can be found in our Step by Step Guide - Dealing with Bed Bugs.

  • Ask for references from the bed bug detection dog service and the bed bug exterminator that you will have treat the problem.

  • Last of all and most importantly,  Let us here at Cimex K9 help you for FREE.  We already have all the answers and research above done for you and it is from first hand experience with the bed bug exterminators here in Phoenix Arizona.  Call us and we can guide you through the process Free of charge.

The bed bug exterminators we recommend in Phoenix, AZ are being recommended because they provide the best service.  We have completed thousands of post-treatment bed bug dog inspections in Arizona over the last 4 years and we can help you get your problem resolved the same day.

 For more information contact Cimex K9 at 480-437-4334

Step by Step Guide - Dealing with Bed Bugs


By Keith Coddington

bed bug treatment options
bed bug treatment options

When the average person believes they may have a bed bug problem the initial response is usually that of panic.  The information below will help you get through the process.  Most importantly this guide will help you not be taken advantage of with unnecessary and ineffective bed bug treatment during this troubling time.

Step 1:  Identification of Pest :

Don't move anything out of the suspected area and determine if you in fact have a bed bug infestation. (if you already moved things don't worry we can still help)

  • If you are in Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding area and captured a bug please call us so you can email us an in focus photo of the bug so we can identify it for you Free of charge.

Step 2:  Pinpoint Infested Areas:

Find all rooms and areas that require the bed bug treatment.   At this point our advice will differ from the 30+ bed bug exterminators outside of our network because we try to save our customers money by only treating the affected rooms.  Typically we save our customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary bed bug treatment.

  • Use our Bed Bug Detection Canine Teams to pinpoint the location of all bed bug colonies.  We have completed tens of thousands of inspections over the last 4 years.  Our bed bug detection dog teams are very efficient and extremely accurate.

Step 3:  Bed Bug Treatment:

We have a network of over 30 trusted pest control companies that can provide you with a quote the same day at our discounted rates.  We are on your side and we only work with the best of the best.  Based on our findings we can point you in the right direction of the bed bug treatment that best suits the level of the infestation and your budget.

  • Thermal Bed Bug Treatment - We recommend this form of treatment in most cases.  It is extremely effective and only the affected rooms need to be treated when used in conjunction with our inspection service.  This cuts the cost of most treatments to a fraction of what it would have costs otherwise.
  • Bed Bug Fumigation Treatment - Another very effective option that is excellent for entire structures that need to be treated.  It is also a great option for locations with a heavy amount of belongings inside.
  • Bed Bug Chemical Only Treatment -  This is an option we rarely recommend.  It can be effective if done properly, but it takes multiple treatments and it rarely can kill the entire infestation in one day only.  There are circumstances in which there is no other option but to treat this way, but if fumigation or Thermal Treatment are available they should be highly considered.

Step 4:  Verify Bed Bug Treatment was Effective:

Our post-treatment inspectionsare included in the price of many of the protocols of the pest control providers in our network.  Even if it is not included you can still hire us to check their work to make sure all bed bugs have been eliminated.

bed bug detection dogs are an important part of the bed bug treatment protocol
bed bug detection dogs are an important part of the bed bug treatment protocol
  • These inspections include a very thorough visual inspection of the area and the use of a special post-treatment bed bug detection dog.  This dog is trained only to detect live bed bugs and ignore all other evidence that is left behind even after a treatment.
  • Complete this inspection prior to the guarantee expiring for your protection.
  • In the rare event we do find live bed bugs after the bed bug treatment and you used one of the preferred pest control companies in our network we will complete an additional post-treatment inspection FREE of charge.   We will continue this process until the bed bug problem is solved.

Additional Consumer Resources:

University of Arizona - Working the Bugs Out

City of Phoenix - Bed Bugs:  A Manageable Challenge

Environmental Protection Agency - Bed Bugs

Cimex K9 backs up our inspection service with a 30 day guarantee.  For additional information about how our service works or to contact us please call Cimex K9 at 480.437.4334

FAQ - Bed Bug Detection Dogs - Part 1 - What does the dog do when they find something?

By Keith Coddington

Our bed bug detection dogs have traveled throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California performing bed bug inspections which is a very important part of a bed bug treatment.  This FAQ series about bed bug detection dogs will focus on the most common questions we are normally asked about our dogs when customers see them in action.

The number one question I receive about our bed bug dogs is how do you know when they alert or in other words when they find bed bugs?

As you will see in the video on this page from a recent training session, all of our dogs are trained as passive alert which means they will stop their searching behavior, stand still and sit.  Once this is accomplished they are rewarded promptly.  The detection canine associates the “game of seek” with the reward which is their toy that they love more than anything on this earth.  Yes even more than their humans and even food believe it or not.


Speaking of food, we don’t use food as a reward.  It is practiced by some detection dog trainers, however the vast majority of detection dogs worldwide in all scent disciplines are trained with toys as rewards.  Toy reward dogs work extremely hard, fast and for long periods of time.  They are obsessed with the game and it is often up to the handler to call it quits because the dog never will.  The main “problem” with toy reward dogs is that it can be very difficult to get them to relax and shut-down when they aren't working.  This is a problem any canine handler will never complain about and this type of high-drive is very difficult to find.  Another reason we have avoided using food reward dogs is because of the amount of food, crumbs and food odors we encounter on a regular basis while on the job.  Our toy reward dogs will pass right over food and could care less about these odors which is a huge distraction for a food reward dog.  Think about it from a dog’s point of view:  “ why do I need to look for bed bugs to get some food when there is plenty of tasty crumbs in this couch that I am searching?”

The video above is a training scenario.  In a real world bed bug inspection if there is a dog alert we verify there is an active colony present and show the customer the real evidence before noting it on our inspection report.

At the Cimex K9 office in Phoenix, Arizona all of our bed bug detection dogs are rescues and we will always do our best to keep it that way.  It takes a tremendous amount of testing and scouring rescues to find a good candidate for this line of work, but it is always worth the effort knowing we are helping a very highly driven animal find a home that wouldn't make a desirable pet for the majority of the owners out there.

For more information our dogs and services please contact Cimex K9 at 888-928-4364

Not all bed bug heat treatments are what they seem

By Keith Coddington

At Cimex K9 our goal is to leave our customers as educated as possible so they can make the best decision with their bed bug dilemma and choose the best bed bug treatment available.  That being said there are a some companies in Arizona that are advertising bed bug heat treatments and thermal treatments while technically this may be true it is a vastly different process than what other companies offer. hotel bedroom

If you are going to hire a company to complete a bed bug thermal treatment there are a few things you should be aware of.

First of all,  what exactly do they mean by “heat” or “thermal” treatment?  Many companies are using spot treatment with steam or heat guns and consider this a thermal/heat treatment.  In our opinion this is not a true thermal/heat treatment.

A true thermal or heat treatment consists of heating the entire affected area with heaters that are designed to bring the temperature in the entire area to a level that will kill bed bugs.  The heat is administered long enough so it soaks the furniture, walls and other items in the room to a level that bed bugs can’t survive.  The process takes several hours of constant heat at a minimum and the room temperature will reach at least 130 degrees for several hours which kills bed bugs within approximately 10 minutes.

The reason bed bugs are so difficult to kill is that they are cryptic and hide so well.  It makes no sense to try and hunt out every single bed bug and egg with steam or a heat gun and it will obviously not be nearly as effective as simply heating everything in the room all at once.  In our opinion a steam or heat gun process would need to be followed up by a traditional chemical pesticide treatment in order to be effective.  In our opinion “heat” and “thermal” is simply being used as a marketing ploy in those cases in order to get your business, but when you compare apples to apples the type of treatment is nowhere near similar.

Chemical only treatments have some limitations however can be very effective if done properly, but not as effective as properly administered heat treatments.  It can be very difficult to kill every bed bug and live egg on the first day of treatment with only chemicals.

There are several companies in Arizona that offer true heat or thermal treatments for bed bugs.  Several of them have enough confidence in their treatment to have a third-party bed bug detection dog service such as our company inspect the treated area afterwards to make sure that everyone knows the bed bug issue is resolved.

Should you like more information about our services or the companies we work with please call Cimex K9 at 888-928-4364


10 Reasons to use a bedbug dog

By Keith Coddington

Cimex K9, has been offering bedbug dog services since 2009.  This article will detail the benefits of being an informed and educated customer to make sure you contract only the necessary services at the best price.

1.  Accuracy:  A dog's nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than yours. Hands down our bed bug dog service is the most thorough and accurate way of detecting Bed Bug infestations. This is the main reason why over 30 pest control companies hire us to complete their inspections.

2. Unbiased:  We do not provide bed bug treatments ourselves so it doesn't

Olivia the bedbug dog sniffing an office chair

not matter to us whether we find bed bugs or not.  We only get paid for our inspection services.

3. Knowledgeable:  We are experts in bedbugs and their behavior.  We also are familiar with all the different types of treatments available.

4. Save Money:  After our inspection treatment costs can be drastically reduced by hundreds and even thousands of dollars by pin-pointing the affected areas rather than treating the entire structure when it is unnecessary.

5. Verify a treatment was effective:  Whether the pest control company you hired for treatment has worked with us in the past or not it is a good idea to have us check their work post-treatment.  If the treatment included a guarantee be sure to have us inspect before the guarantee is over.

6. Our reputation:  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and excellent online reviews.  We offer a guarantee to back up or work.  We are also one of the few detection services nationwide owned and operated by a detection dog trainer.

7.  Efficiency:  Our service is not only the most accurate, but it is much quicker than visual only inspections.  Using our canines for large-scale inspections is by far the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

8.  Response time:  For our customers within approximately 1 hour from Phoenix Arizona we rarely take more than 24 hours to show up on site and usually respond the same day you call.

9. Proof of findings:  For many situations it is important for our customer to have proof that there is or is not a bedbug infestation at the locations we inspect.  All customers receive a detailed report stating what was found and exactly where it was found.

10. Hire a Veteran and a Rescue Dog:  Cimex K9 is Veteran owned and we go out of our way to hire veteran’s as employees.  More than likely the handler completing the inspection has proudly served our country in the past.  Additionally all of our bedbug detection dogs were rescued from animal shelters and love to perform their “jobs”.

For more information please call Cimex K9 at 888-928-4364

Cimex K9 Guarantee - Bed Bug Inspection - Phoenix, Arizona


Cimex K9 is based in Phoenix and serves the entire state of Arizona and has been offering bed bug detection dog 100% guaranteedservices since 2010.  Cimex K9 is one of the very few detection dog companies that’s owner/founder is also a detection dog trainer himself.


Cimex K9 is so confident in their bed bug dog inspection team’s accuracy that they stand behind their work with an accuracy guarantee.

Due to the possibility of a new infestation entering the area we inspected the guarantee is limited to exactly 30 days after the time of inspection.

In the extremely rare event during the 30 day period after the inspection (if evidence of live bed bug activity is found) for the guarantee to be honored the customer shall:

For Pre-Treatment Inspections:

  1. Contact Cimex K9 and be prepared to email a close-up photograph of the insect that is in focus with an explanation of the exact location, date and time the bug was found in.  The image must be very clear and close-up.  Most smart phones and digital cameras have a macro setting to accomplish this.

  1. If the Cimex K9 representative determines based on the photograph that the insect is infact a bed bug then an additional canine inspection will be scheduled.  If the representative is able to determine from the photo that the insect is not a bed bug or if the photograph is out of focus an inspection will not be scheduled.

  1. If during the additional inspection live bed bug evidence is found the customer will be refunded as follows:

  • Residential Customers - (all customers who hire Cimex K9 to inspect a residence that they or their immediate family reside in)  Full refund will be issued for the cost of the inspection the dwelling
  • Commercial Customers - ( all commercial establishments that hire Cimex K9 including Apartment Complexes, Property Management Companies, Rental Property Owners, Hotels, Medical Facilities and any other commercial establishment.)   The refund amount will be based on the portion of the area found to have live bed bug activity.  For example if 100 hotel rooms are inspected and 1 room is found to have live bed bug activity after the additional inspection then the refund will be for the one room and not the entire inspection.

For Post-Treatment Inspections:

  1. Contact Cimex K9 and be prepared to email a close-up photograph of the insect that is in focus with an explanation of the exact location, date and time the bug was found in.  The image must be very clear and close-up.  Most smart phones and digital cameras have a macro setting to accomplish this. 

  1. If the Cimex K9 representative determines based on the photograph that the insect is infact a bed bug then an additional canine inspection will be scheduled.  If the representative is able to determine from the photo that the insect is not a bed bug or if the photograph is out of focus an inspection will not be scheduled. 

  1. If during the additional inspection live bed bug evidence is found the customer will receive the following: 

  • Residential Customers - (all customers who hire Cimex K9 to inspect a residence that they or their immediate family reside in)  An additional Inspection of the entire residence free of charge and an additional inspection after the additional bed bug treatment inspection performed between 21-30 days after a licensed pest control company has completed the additional treatment.
  •  Commercial Customers - ( all commercial establishments that hire Cimex K9 including Apartment Complexes, Property Management Companies, Rental Property Owners, Hotels, Medical Facilities and any other commercial establishment.)  An additional Inspection of the room/unit/area free of charge and an additional Post-Treatment inspection performed between 21-30 days after a licensed pest control company has completed the additional treatment.

For additional information about our Guarantee please contact us at: 888-928-4364

Ross the Bed Bug Detection Dog

By Keith Coddington

Ross the bed bug detection dog has been with Phoenix, Arizona based Cimex K9 for 4 years.  He is a bed bug detection dog icon and has never let us down.  He has been with Cimex K9 from the beginning and continues to impress with his amazing sense of smell and work ethic.

Ross has served Phoenix, AZ based Cimex K9 for 4 years and continues to thrive at his job

Ross started off with a prison trained canine organization.  Since he was rescued his exact age is not known, however as of March 2014 he is believed to be approximately 5.5 years old. The prison trained canine organization recognized something special in him and realized he had the right characteristics to be evaluated as a working dog.  Once he passed his initial obedience training and was tested for detection work he was sent to Cimex K9 to become a very important part of the bed bug treatment process.

His amazing social skills are always appreciated among our customers.  When he isn’t working he loves to soak up some attention from anyone willing to share.

Unlike most human employees detection dogs greatly enjoy physical work and it is what they live for.  It is their passion or obsession.  They will outwork their human handlers any day of the week and Ross’ has done this day in and day out for the last 4 years.  These types of dogs are so highly driven that they usually do not make for good pets considering their extreme needs for mental and physical stimulation.

Here are some of Ross’ notable accomplishments through February 2014 over his 4 year career.


  • 1,344 Houses

  • 27,216 Apartments

  • 199,968 Auditorium chairs

  • 137,568 Offices / Cubicals

  • 13,881 Medical / Hospital rooms

Ross the bed bug dog absolutely obsessed with his toys

Ross the bed bug dog has saved the good name of Cimex K9 many times when he insisted that there were bed bugs present that were extremely difficult to find after he alerted to a specific area.  Time and time again when we have doubted Ross because we couldn’t easily find something  he has come through and proven why he is such an asset to Cimex K9.

Ross has also passed his yearly third party bed bug certifications with flying colors.  All certification on Cimex K9’s teams are set up at or above the National Pest Management Associations guidelines.  The most memorable certification was when Ross’ and his handler were both ill with a stomach virus.  The certification official was only here 1 day for the Scottsdale Bedbug dog certifications for one day so the team had no choice but to attempt certification.  Ross and his handler were able to push through and somehow pass.  They were both obviously nowhere near 100%, but both wanted to work and certified.  Immediately after the certification Ross and his handler’s celebration consisted of rolling up in the fetal position on the floor with each other wishing they were in home in bed.

Should you need the services of Ross or any of the Cimex K9 team please feel free to call us with more information at 888-928-4364

So you think you have bed bugs? Now what?

By Keith Coddington

Phoenix, Arizona continues to be hit with the bed bug plague.  If you think you are one of the victims of this worldwide problem don’t panic or you could be easily taken advantage of and pay for unnecessary treatment.

bed bug infestation

Cimex K9’s program provides a third party bed bug detection dog service which results in a fair, honest opinion that almost always saves you money.  Cimex K9 has followed the following protocol for over 4 years with great success.  We have relationships with many local and national pest control companies that added our service to their bed bug programs.  Cimex K9 is the consumer’s friend and never profits from referrals or the sale of any type of bed bug treatment.

So how does our program work?  We specialize in K9 bedbug inspection which is the first step to treatment.  We utilize the most accurate form of inspection available which includes visual inspections along with the use of a specially trained  bed bug dog team that will sniff out any problem areas.

Quite often after an inspection of a suspected area there are no bed bugs present and there is no reason to incur the additional costs of treatment which can be very expensive.

If active or recent bed bug evidence is detected we will show you the proof and thoroughly inspect the surrounding areas.  Rather than treating the entire structure, you will now only have to treat the appropriate locations which will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We do not offer treatment ourselves but can educate you on the type of treatments available and recommend one of 30+ trusted pest control providers.

The last step of the process is for us to ensure that the treatment was effective.  This inspection is usually performed by us 2-4 weeks after the treatment is complete, but before the guarantee from the treatment expires.  For this process we use a different bed bug dog that is trained to detect only live bed bugs and will ignore the dead bugs and other non-viable bed bug evidence that may be left behind post treatment.

For more information about Bed Bugs consider viewing this page from the University of California - Davis on Bed Bugs.

For more information feel free to call our experts at 888-928-4364


Bed Bugs continue their assault in Arizona

By Keith Coddington


Even in Phoenix, AZ, During the colder shorter days of the winter bed bug activity often slows down.  This cyclical pattern seems to be the case nationwide.  Unfortunately for us humans the bed bugs will soon be up to full speed and at work again in the near future.

We here at Cimex K9 are ready as always for the upcoming busy bed bug season.  Bed bug activity in Arizona has increased with each passing year and we are prepared with our Canine Detection Teams to seek and destroy these blood-sucking pests.

We are often asked which areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area have the most bed bug infestations.  This question is difficult to answer.  We have been to every part of Phoenix and the state seeking out bed bugs.  The best answer to this question is simply the more densely populated the area the more likely there is to be bed bugs.  People in transit have a large impact on the bed bug population in Arizona because of the bugs excellent ability to unknowingly hitchhike whether it be to their neighbors or across the world in luggage.

Bed bugs colonize anywhere people spend periods of time stationary in a climate controlled environment.  The highest risk locations for bed bugs are locations which combine large numbers of new people coming and going that remain stationary for period of time.  Bed bugs are very shy creatures and unlike mosquitoes and other blood-suckers are very covert.  They usually only come out from hiding when all things are calm and quiet.

Bed bug treatment options in Phoenix Arizona can be very expensive which also adds to the issue as many victims with infestations are unable to afford proper treatment.  This creates a very high risk situation regarding spreading the infestation to other locations.

Here at Cimex K9 we have offered bed bug detection dog services in Phoenix and the surrounding area for 4 years and we are proud to have an excellent reputation in our field.  We do not offer treatment which provides our customers with a third party point of view since we don’t profit from treatment that may or may not be necessary.

Over the years we have saved our customers a tremendous amount of money with the use of our service.  We save our clients a significant amount of money in two ways.  First of all,  quite often we clear a suspected location clear of bed bugs which saves the customer hundreds to thousands of dollars since treatment is not necessary.  Secondly,  we can pinpoint the locations of the infestations so only the areas that are infested are treated which also saves our customers large sums of money.

For more information about how our service works please read  So you think you have bed bugs? Now what? and watch the attached video for a short sample of how our service works.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 888-928-4364

Bed Bug Extermination Options in Phoenix, Arizona

By Keith Coddington aldult bed bugs

There are many different techniques used to control bed bug infestations.  The good news is that in Arizona consumers have many different choices as far as bed bug treatments go.  When consumers have so many different companies competing for the same service the customer usually ends up with the best service at the best price…..  in theory anyway.  Please keep in mind that a treatment is only as good as the technician completing the treatment regardless of the method used.  Many companies choose to use a combination of the treatments below or come up with a plan based on your budget.

The following list will compare the different types of bed bug treatments available in the Phoenix Metro area.




Thermal Treatment
  • Eliminates all live bed bugs and eggs in one treatment.
  • Some thermal systems can treat the entire structure at one time.
  • No need to replace furniture and other belongings.
  • Can use a bed bug K9 inspection to only treat affect rooms to save on treatment costs.
  • No chemical exposure.


  • No residual effect unless used with chemicals.
  • Can be difficult to treat in highly cluttered areas.



  • Eliminates all live bed bugs and eggs in one treatment.
  • Always treats entire structure at one time.
  • Great for freestanding buildings / homes.
  • Best option for highly cluttered areas.
  • No need to replace furniture and other belongings.
  • No chemical exposure.


  • No residual effect unless used with chemicals. 


Chemical – Spray / Dust
  • Usually the most economical treatment.
  • Can be very effective if precise and thorough.
  • Many chemicals used have a long lasting residual effect.
  • Some strains of bed bugs are resistant to commonly used pesticides.
  • Takes multiple visits.
  • May see live bugs between treatment periods.
  • May have to throw away some furniture and belongings.
  • Very difficult to effectively treat in highly cluttered areas.


Cryo treatment
  • Can kill bed bugs and eggs instantly on direct contact.
  • May only be effective if every bug and egg is found and exposed directly to cryo substance.
  • Treatment may not penetrate deep into harborages.
  • No residual effect.
  • Can kill bed bugs and eggs instantly on direct contact.
  • May only be effective if every bug and egg is found and exposed directly to the steam.
  • Treatment may not penetrate deep into harborages.
  • No residual effect.
Natural (essential oils, etc)
  • Can be effective if treatment is very precise and thorough.
  • No chemical exposure. 
  • Will kill bed bugs and eggs with direct contact.
  • Residual qualities of treatment may not be as effective.
  • Takes multiple visits. 
  • May see live bugs between treatment periods.
  • May have to throw away some furniture and belongings. 
  • Very difficult to effectively treat in highly cluttered areas.




Nomatter what treatment option you decide to go with we recommend that you hire us for a post-treatment bed bug dog inspection priory to the treatment guarantee expiring to ensure treatment was effective.

For more information check out this great page from the University of California about Bed Bugs.

For more information or referrals please call Cimex K9, LLC at 888-928-4364

Consumer options for bed bug treatments in Phoenix, Arizona

By Keith Coddington

Cimex K9 has been working with pest control companies over the last several years and currently 30+ companies use our canine bed bug detection dog services.  Over the years we have seen it all and we have a very unique perspective regarding bed bug issues.  Read further and you will learn what types of bed bug treatments are available in the Phoenix, Arizona area and how to effectively use them.  This is first hand knowledge from a professional, not an opinion reacted without factual content.

When someone discovers a bed bug infestation or even has a hint that bed bugs may be present a sense of panic usually takes hold.  The first thing we suggest is to relax.  You are very venerable in this state of mind making you easy prey for an unethical company to take advantage of.  Many of our customers’ homes that we inspect pre-treatment do not end up having a bed bug issue and it is something else that is usually minor and nowhere near as expensive to rectify as bed bugs.

Here in Arizona we have numerous companies that provide specialized bed bug treatment options from heat treatment to fumigation to chemical only treatment.  We have found that the most economical approach is using a pre-treatment K9 bed bug inspection to identify the rooms that need to be treated and then a post K9 treatment inspection to ensure the treatment was effective.  Using this method the consumer can save hundreds if not thousands on unnecessarily treating the entire structure when a canine bed bug inspection can clear those areas at a fraction of the cost.

Here is your step by step guide:

  1. Do not panic.  If you really do have bed bugs the infestation is not going to explode or get worse in a day or even a few days.  Do not move anything!
  1. Have us identify the areas that need treated.  Hopefully it ends up not being bed bugs and you are only out the cost of the inspection.  We are a third party bed bug detection dog service that gets paid whether bed bugs are found or not so we would never recommend treatments without physical proof of an active infestation.  We are on your side and the fewer bugs found the better as far as we are concerned.
  1. If we confirm the infestation we will help you contact some of our proffered pest control companies that not only guarantee their treatment, but have an outstanding record of honest and ethical work.  We are very picky about who we work with so you can be sure the companies that we refer are a combination of effective, honest and affordable.
  1. 2-4 weeks after the treatment is complete we will conduct a post-treatment canine inspection.  If any live bed bug activity is found the pest control company that treated the area will be notified immediately and they will re-treat right away.  We will then schedule an additional post-treatment bed bug dog inspection at no additional cost to you until the treatment is effective.

For more information about Bed Bugs read this webpage from Penn State University on Bed Bugs.

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions about our services at 888-928-4364

Keith Coddington


Cimex K9

Arizona is seeing more cases of bed bugs in the workplace!


By Keith Coddington Ever since the “bed bug boom” started several years ago the cases nationwide have continued to soar.  Arizona unfortunately was not spared and has consistently seen the number of cases of bed bugs increase.

Olivia the bed bug dog sniffing a chair

Although bed bugs can colonize in just about any area where people are, offices and call centers have recently seen an increase in bed bug activity.  This situation creates a public relations nightmare for the employer due to the stress caused by panicking employees.

Here are some steps to consider to stop the panic and minimize the stress should there be a suspicion of bed bugs in the workplace:

  1. Have a pest professional positively identify the insect in question immediately.
  1. If it is in fact bed bugs consider a large scale proactive bed bug dog inspection rather than paying for a costly large scale treatment when it may not be necessary.  Hiring highly trained bed bug detection dog teams is a great option in this case.
  1. Speak with your employees in private and try to determine if one of them is having an issue at home.  If you don’t figure out where the bugs are coming from no amount of treatment will prevent them from returning.
  1. Word will quickly spread through the workplace when news of a bed bug infestation gets out.  Be open and honest with everyone and keep them informed that you are taking the best steps possible which should not only include treatment, but proactive periodic inspections of the facility.
  1. Have employees prepared for bed bug sightings.  Offices are not the ideal place for a bed bug colony to inhabit.  Workers will without a doubt see a bug or two wandering even after a treatment.  Patience is key in these situations because if a chemical treatment was applied it does not kill every bug instantly and needs time to take effect.  Often a smaller scale K9 inspection in the area of the sighting is in order which not only confirms there is no colony established, but it puts everyone at ease.

We here at Cimex K9 have dealt with this situation numerous times and understand how sensitive conditions in the workplace can be.  It is amazing to see how quickly the panic, stress and drama is reduced when your employees see that you hire a service such as ours to take care of the matter.  We are a third party inspection bed bug detection dog service that does not profit from treatments.  We have a network of over 30 pest control providers that can take care of the issue using various methods once the problem is positively identified by us.

If you have an issue in the workplace please call us immediately at 888-928-4364 so we can at least point you in the right direction.

Phoenix, AZ Don’t fall for a scam! Use third party bed bug detection canines.

By Keith Coddington

Cimex K9 is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that specializes solely in bed bug canine inspections.  Our goal and service is not only to find bed bug infestations, but more importantly protect our customers from being charged for unnecessary treatments and also making sure treatments were successful by completing post-Olivia the bed bug dog sniffing a chairtreatment inspections.

Detection dogs have always been our business and we employ experience handlers and trainers that are experts in their field.  We do not offer treatments and we have a good reason for that which you will learn about as you read on.

Unfortunately as with any service there are unethical practices taking place.  This specific scam that we have seen involves pest control companies that own their own bed bug detection dogs and use them improperly to sell pricey treatment services that are not needed.

Here’s how the scam takes place:

Most people are already in a panic when they think they may have bed bugs which makes them venerable and some companies cash in on it.  Once you call a company that has their own dogs (there are only a few in Arizona) they send out their K9 team.  The dogs often false alert on areas where there is actually no bed bug activity.  From this point the customer is usually an easy sale and can be talked into anything.  To top it off the K9 handlers are usually paid a commission for the sale of the treatment.  If that is not a conflict of interest then I don’t know what is!

The good news is that there are ways to protect yourself.

First of all if you are about to hire a bed bug detection dogs ask the company that has dog services if they are using a third party or if they own the dog and employ the handler directly.  Verify their Pest Control License which is required by Arizona Office of Pest Management even for inspections of Bed Bugs and also check the Better Business Bureau.

Next, if the dog does alert or the handler claims there is an active infestation have them show you the evidence of the live colony.  In any detection dog scent discipline the handler always confirms an alert with visual verification.

Be familiar with what bed bugs look like as carpet beetles and their larvae are very commonly found around beds and are sometimes passed off as bed bugs to make the sale.

Watch the inspection and be there with the inspection team in the same room during the entire process.  If the handler claims that the dog can’t work with you in the room then you need to be very skeptical as something fishy might be going on.  A properly trained detection canine can work through any distraction including food, people, other animals and just about any other distraction that you can imagine.

Last of all, If something doesn’t seem right get an opinion from different company.  If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area feel free to contact us for free to learn about your bed bug treatment options in Arizona including only the honest and ethical companies that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Now just to be clear we are not accusing all companies that offer treatment and own bed bug detection dogs of this practice.  Also, there are many companies that utilize a third party bed bug detection dog service such as ours to check their own work so just be sure to ask them if they own their own dogs or hire an outside company for their bed bug detection dog work.

Good Luck and if you live in Arizona and have questions regarding bed bug detection dog services or need assistance contact us on


Keith Coddington

Cimex K9, LLC

Founder / Detection Dog Trainer & Handler


Phoenix bed bug dog detection services

By Keith Coddington [youtube=}\]


Cimex K9 offers Phoenix and the entire state of Arizona bed bug treatment using Bed Bug Dogs and a network of 30+ pest control companies.

We are well into our third year of providing this service.  Not only are we for hire directly by customers, but over 30 pest control companies use our service to assist them and their clients with bed bug inspections.

Cimex K9 does not provide treatments which means unlike a pest control company that uses their own dogs we have nothing to gain by trying to sell you a bed bug treatment.  Unfortunately this is an important fact as we have witnessed several scams taking place in the Phoenix area where a bed bug dog false alerts and the pest control company then insists there is an infestation and a treatment needs to be completed.

Here are the services Cimex K9 provides to our customers:

  1. Pre-treatment inspections – When you think you may have bed bugs but after a thorough inspection you or a pest control technician is unable to find evidence of bed bug activity.  Although it is usually recommended to treat the entire structure once and infestation has been identified some of our clients use our service to determine which rooms of the house contain bed bug colonies.
  1. Post-treatment inspections – We conduct an inspection with one of our “live only” bed bug dogs which are trained to ignore all evidence but live bed bugs.  We usually perform this inspection 14-30 days after the last treatment or just before your guarantee / warranty expires to be sure the treatment was effective.
  1. Proactive inspections – this can be anything from inspecting one unit to an entire high-rise for those that want to be proactive and make sure they catch infestations in the early stages to avoid a large outbreak in their structure.  We routinely complete this type of service in hotels, apartment buildings, dormitories and hospitals.  Additionally many landlords and property management companies are inspecting vacant rental units for bed bugs prior to occupation to ensure the unit is bed bug free.


Here is a some great facts about Bed Bugs from Purdue University and if you are in Arizona would like more information on our services please feel free to contact us at 888-928-4364


The Cimex K9 Team

Cimex K9’s Bed Bug Dogs in action

By Keith Coddington


It is difficult to explain how well our dogs work and illustrate accurately to the degree they are trained.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the videos of our canines in action tell even more.

Considering the owner and founder of Phoenix, AZ based Cimex K9 has an extensive background in dog behavior, training and detection dog experience, we put in the extra effort to ensure our teams are working at their full potential at all times.

People often as us “how accurate are your dogs?”  The University of Florida published some numbers a few years back showing the detection teams used were extremely accurate.  Although they attempted to create real world conditions as well as they could for the study, there is no substitute for what a detection team encounters on a daily basis.  There are always new situations, obstacles and distractions to tackle and having a highly trained, confident and motivated canine partner is not only nice, but mandatory to measure up to the level of quality Cimex K9 demands.  Have a dog barking in a kennel at us while we are working?  No problem.  Have food or crumbs in the area to be inspected?  No problem.  Want to be there watching the entire inspection?  No Problem.  Our dogs are trained to work around any distraction that you can think of.

Cimex K9 has been providing bed bug dog services since 2009.  Over the years we have serviced thousands of properties with our inspection teams.  We boast that fact that we have only had one confirmed case of missing a very small infestation and believe this track record is unmatched in the industry.  Considering this fact, our percentage of accuracy would calculate to be much higher than the testing performed by the University of Florida.

Why do we stand out in the detection dog world?  We believe that it has to do with a couple of very important factors…

  1. Extreme attention to detail as every single inspection is a quality control check meaning if we miss something we are eventually going to hear about it from an upset customer.
  1. Our founder has an extensive background in dog behavior training including successfully rehabbing many very extreme “last chance” cases.
  1. We are honest, ethical, reliable and on-time.  Licensed, BBB accredited, Trade references available on request.
  1. Our pricing is equal or less than our competitors, but we believe our quality of service is unmatched.
  1. We do not profit more for finding an infestation as we do not offer treatments.
  1. We work with 30+ local and national pest control companies and will be happy to work with your current company to get the job done.

Feel free to call us to pick our brains as we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


The Cimex K9 Team

Importance of inspecting vacant rental units for Bed Bug infestations

By Keith Coddington


As the bed bug epidemic continues in Arizona more and more property management firms and landlords are utilizing bed bug detection canines in their treatment protocol and prior to tenant occupation.  This not only protects the landlord from unintentionally exposing their new tenant to an infestation, but it also protects the landlord during the entire lease as the tenant would likely be responsible for treatment of bed bugs if all was clear prior to occupation.

Inspections of vacant units are very quick, but effective.  It would take quite a bit of time just to pull up the carpets and to remove the outlet covers and you still would not be able to complete an inspection as thorough as a canine as it is impossible to see every into every crack and crevice.

Please take the time to watch the short video of Ross from Cimex K9 perform a typical inspection of a vacant unit.

Cimex K9 is a fully licensed pest control company based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes solely in Canine Bed Bug Inspections.  Our certified founder and K-9 teams have many years of dog training and detection dog handling experience.  Using our dog handling expertise and extensive pest control training we provide an unbiased third-party perspective because we are not going to profit from the sale of unnecessary treatments.  We realize most customers are in a frantic state of mind when they realize they have possibly been exposed to bed bugs and we can help you get through this, by first confirming if you even have a bed bug issue and secondly if necessary putting you in touch with some reputable pest control companies to start the treatment process.

Please call Keith Coddington at Cimex K9, LLC for more information.

When to call in the (bed bug) dogs…


By Keith Coddington As the use of bed bug detection dogs becomes more commonplace in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area educating consumers and commercial establishments on the benefits of this specialty service is very important.

First of all, bed bug detection dogs are not the answer to every case of bed bugs.  The use of the dogs has their role and can be very effective when warranted, but the use of properly trained, third-party certified and maintained detection dogs is only part of a properly configured plan of attack.

When to use a bed bug detection dog:


  1. When you want to be sure you do not have a bed bug infestation after you have visually inspected all suspected areas and can’t find bed bug evidence.
  1. Post-treatment to be sure that the bed bug treatment was effective.  This is normally completed 30 days after the last treatment or just before a treatment warranty expires.
  1. Inspecting a rental property prior to tenant occupation so you have proof it is bed bug free.


  1. In response to a report of the possibility of bed bugs or a report of biting bugs.  Having a report from a third-party stating that the area is clear of bed bugs can stop unnecessary hysteria in an instant.
  1. Large scale routine proactive inspections such as hotels, hospitals and dormitories.
  1. Post-treatment to be sure the treatment was effective.

Some additional important tips… 

  • Be careful when hiring detection dogs from a company that also treats as this can be a conflict of interest.  Keep in mind that the pest control company makes a much larger profit from recommending treatment than calling it clear with the dogs.  Unfortunately we have been first hand witnesses to these types of scams several times over the last two years.  Many companies sub-contract out the detection dog work which would create a third-party situation that would benefit the consumer.
  • Detection dogs will not be able to effectively sniff in an area that has been treated by pest control dust or diatomaceous earth.
  • Make sure that the detection dog company is not only properly licensed but ask for proof of certification from a third-party that requires a testing standard at or above the National Pest Management Association’s guidelines.
  • Consider who you are hiring.  Are you hiring from a company that bought their dogs or a company that has certified handler and detection dog trainers on staff?
  • Ask for multiple references from repeat customers that have used the company’s services many times over the years.

If you have more questions about bed bug detection dogs, bed bug extermination or if you are already working with a pest control company and something just doesn't seem right feel free to call with no obligation.


Keith Coddington


Cimex K9, LLC





Bed Bug Detection Dogs Ready to Sniff in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Arizona has a team of bed bug detection dogs available to fight the war on these pesky critters that are just a phone call away. Cimex K9, LLC services the entire state with their bed bug sniffing dog teams.  These teams have been used in everything from private residences to hotels, office buildings and everything in between.

Keith Coddington with two of his bed bug dogs

Cimex K9 has offered this unique service since 2009 with an impeccable rating and service record.  They are accredited with the better business bureau and licensed with the Arizona Office of Pest Management.  Cimex K9 can be hired directly by consumers, but they also contract with over 30 pest control companies from some of the largest national companies to locally owned an operated pest control businesses.

One may wonder how this service works with these highly trained bed bug detection dogs.  There are a few different scenarios in which these dogs come in very handy.  First of all, the dogs are used in situations where bed bug activity is expected, but can’t be confirmed visually.  Secondly, the canines are used post-treatment approximately 30 days after the last treatment to ensure that the bed bugs have been eradicated.  Last of all, due to their extreme speed and accuracy the canines do a great job on large scale inspections such as call centers, hotels, hospitals and entire apartment complexes.  A typical hotel room can be inspected in about 3 minutes with a canine team versus 20-30 minutes per room without the power of the dog’s nose assisting.

If you live in Tucson or anywhere in the state of Arizona and want to start a proactive program for your business or aren’t sure if you have bed bugs contact Cimex K9 for more information.