Importance of inspecting vacant rental units for Bed Bug infestations

By Keith Coddington


As the bed bug epidemic continues in Arizona more and more property management firms and landlords are utilizing bed bug detection canines in their treatment protocol and prior to tenant occupation.  This not only protects the landlord from unintentionally exposing their new tenant to an infestation, but it also protects the landlord during the entire lease as the tenant would likely be responsible for treatment of bed bugs if all was clear prior to occupation.

Inspections of vacant units are very quick, but effective.  It would take quite a bit of time just to pull up the carpets and to remove the outlet covers and you still would not be able to complete an inspection as thorough as a canine as it is impossible to see every into every crack and crevice.

Please take the time to watch the short video of Ross from Cimex K9 perform a typical inspection of a vacant unit.

Cimex K9 is a fully licensed pest control company based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes solely in Canine Bed Bug Inspections.  Our certified founder and K-9 teams have many years of dog training and detection dog handling experience.  Using our dog handling expertise and extensive pest control training we provide an unbiased third-party perspective because we are not going to profit from the sale of unnecessary treatments.  We realize most customers are in a frantic state of mind when they realize they have possibly been exposed to bed bugs and we can help you get through this, by first confirming if you even have a bed bug issue and secondly if necessary putting you in touch with some reputable pest control companies to start the treatment process.

Please call Keith Coddington at Cimex K9, LLC for more information.

When to call in the (bed bug) dogs…


By Keith Coddington As the use of bed bug detection dogs becomes more commonplace in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area educating consumers and commercial establishments on the benefits of this specialty service is very important.

First of all, bed bug detection dogs are not the answer to every case of bed bugs.  The use of the dogs has their role and can be very effective when warranted, but the use of properly trained, third-party certified and maintained detection dogs is only part of a properly configured plan of attack.

When to use a bed bug detection dog:


  1. When you want to be sure you do not have a bed bug infestation after you have visually inspected all suspected areas and can’t find bed bug evidence.
  1. Post-treatment to be sure that the bed bug treatment was effective.  This is normally completed 30 days after the last treatment or just before a treatment warranty expires.
  1. Inspecting a rental property prior to tenant occupation so you have proof it is bed bug free.


  1. In response to a report of the possibility of bed bugs or a report of biting bugs.  Having a report from a third-party stating that the area is clear of bed bugs can stop unnecessary hysteria in an instant.
  1. Large scale routine proactive inspections such as hotels, hospitals and dormitories.
  1. Post-treatment to be sure the treatment was effective.

Some additional important tips… 

  • Be careful when hiring detection dogs from a company that also treats as this can be a conflict of interest.  Keep in mind that the pest control company makes a much larger profit from recommending treatment than calling it clear with the dogs.  Unfortunately we have been first hand witnesses to these types of scams several times over the last two years.  Many companies sub-contract out the detection dog work which would create a third-party situation that would benefit the consumer.
  • Detection dogs will not be able to effectively sniff in an area that has been treated by pest control dust or diatomaceous earth.
  • Make sure that the detection dog company is not only properly licensed but ask for proof of certification from a third-party that requires a testing standard at or above the National Pest Management Association’s guidelines.
  • Consider who you are hiring.  Are you hiring from a company that bought their dogs or a company that has certified handler and detection dog trainers on staff?
  • Ask for multiple references from repeat customers that have used the company’s services many times over the years.

If you have more questions about bed bug detection dogs, bed bug extermination or if you are already working with a pest control company and something just doesn't seem right feel free to call with no obligation.


Keith Coddington


Cimex K9, LLC





Bed Bug Exterminator – Phoenix

By Keith Coddington There are a few things consumers should take into consideration before hiring a bed bug exterminator in Phoenix, Arizona.  Due to the continued consistent rise in hysteria consumers should be on guard and do their research before being talked or scared into costly and unnecessary bed bug treatments. Below are some tips to protect your sanity and your wallet.

  1. If you are absolutely sure that you are familiar with identifying bed bugs and you are positive that you have anRoss searching a warehouse for bedbugs infestation consider contacting us for FREE as we are a third party that works with over 30 pest control companies.  We can give you an honest unbiased choice of treatment options and steer you in the right direction of the honest and ethical exterminators in the area.
  1. If you are not 100% sure that you have a bed bug issue then the first step is to try to find the problem yourself.  Here are some pictures of real Bed Bug infestations that we have encountered to make it easy for you to identify the problem.  If you find an issue contact us for FREE to guide you in the right direction.
  1. If you have inspected yourself and can’t find anything it does not necessarily mean that you do not have a bed bug issue.  Early infestations are very difficult to detect.  This is where our service comes into play and can be worth every penny considering the psychological impact these creatures can have on the average person.  Do your research and consider hiring one of our bed bug detection dog teams.  This way we can find an infestation in the very early stages and help you get it taken care of or even better yet put the issue to rest so you can rest if we find nothing.

If you do have bed bugs you will eventually be forced to do something as bed bugs will not go away on their own and the issue will become larger and larger as the colony grows.  The more bed bugs there are the more difficult and more expensive the treatment can be.  From my experience of inspecting thousands of properties over the past few years, the worse thing you can do is go to the store and buy bed bug spray or even worse yet foggers (bombs).  I have seen the aftermath from these store bought chemicals and it rarely if ever eliminates the bed bugs.  What these chemicals do very well is kill a few bugs, stir them up and spread them all over the place.  The bugs will simply scatter to areas where the chemicals aren’t and find a new place to start feeding. I know in this economy it can be a difficult pill to swallow to hire an exterminator, especially for those do-it-Keith Coddington and his bed bug dog Rossyourselfers; however there are just some things that you should seriously consider leaving to the professionals and this would be on that list in my opinion. Give us a call even if you don’t need our canine services and we can at least point you in the right direction based on your situation. Good Luck and “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”,   Keith Coddington Owner / Founder / Certified Detection Dog Trainer 888-928-4364