Phoenix bed bug dog detection services

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Cimex K9 offers Phoenix and the entire state of Arizona bed bug treatment using Bed Bug Dogs and a network of 30+ pest control companies.

We are well into our third year of providing this service.  Not only are we for hire directly by customers, but over 30 pest control companies use our service to assist them and their clients with bed bug inspections.

Cimex K9 does not provide treatments which means unlike a pest control company that uses their own dogs we have nothing to gain by trying to sell you a bed bug treatment.  Unfortunately this is an important fact as we have witnessed several scams taking place in the Phoenix area where a bed bug dog false alerts and the pest control company then insists there is an infestation and a treatment needs to be completed.

Here are the services Cimex K9 provides to our customers:

  1. Pre-treatment inspections – When you think you may have bed bugs but after a thorough inspection you or a pest control technician is unable to find evidence of bed bug activity.  Although it is usually recommended to treat the entire structure once and infestation has been identified some of our clients use our service to determine which rooms of the house contain bed bug colonies.
  1. Post-treatment inspections – We conduct an inspection with one of our “live only” bed bug dogs which are trained to ignore all evidence but live bed bugs.  We usually perform this inspection 14-30 days after the last treatment or just before your guarantee / warranty expires to be sure the treatment was effective.
  1. Proactive inspections – this can be anything from inspecting one unit to an entire high-rise for those that want to be proactive and make sure they catch infestations in the early stages to avoid a large outbreak in their structure.  We routinely complete this type of service in hotels, apartment buildings, dormitories and hospitals.  Additionally many landlords and property management companies are inspecting vacant rental units for bed bugs prior to occupation to ensure the unit is bed bug free.


Here is a some great facts about Bed Bugs from Purdue University and if you are in Arizona would like more information on our services please feel free to contact us at 888-928-4364


The Cimex K9 Team