So you think you have bed bugs? Now what?

By Keith Coddington

Phoenix, Arizona continues to be hit with the bed bug plague.  If you think you are one of the victims of this worldwide problem don’t panic or you could be easily taken advantage of and pay for unnecessary treatment.

bed bug infestation

Cimex K9’s program provides a third party bed bug detection dog service which results in a fair, honest opinion that almost always saves you money.  Cimex K9 has followed the following protocol for over 4 years with great success.  We have relationships with many local and national pest control companies that added our service to their bed bug programs.  Cimex K9 is the consumer’s friend and never profits from referrals or the sale of any type of bed bug treatment.

So how does our program work?  We specialize in K9 bedbug inspection which is the first step to treatment.  We utilize the most accurate form of inspection available which includes visual inspections along with the use of a specially trained  bed bug dog team that will sniff out any problem areas.

Quite often after an inspection of a suspected area there are no bed bugs present and there is no reason to incur the additional costs of treatment which can be very expensive.

If active or recent bed bug evidence is detected we will show you the proof and thoroughly inspect the surrounding areas.  Rather than treating the entire structure, you will now only have to treat the appropriate locations which will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We do not offer treatment ourselves but can educate you on the type of treatments available and recommend one of 30+ trusted pest control providers.

The last step of the process is for us to ensure that the treatment was effective.  This inspection is usually performed by us 2-4 weeks after the treatment is complete, but before the guarantee from the treatment expires.  For this process we use a different bed bug dog that is trained to detect only live bed bugs and will ignore the dead bugs and other non-viable bed bug evidence that may be left behind post treatment.

For more information about Bed Bugs consider viewing this page from the University of California - Davis on Bed Bugs.

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