Bed Bug Detection Dogs Ready to Sniff in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Arizona has a team of bed bug detection dogs available to fight the war on these pesky critters that are just a phone call away. Cimex K9, LLC services the entire state with their bed bug sniffing dog teams.  These teams have been used in everything from private residences to hotels, office buildings and everything in between.

Keith Coddington with two of his bed bug dogs

Cimex K9 has offered this unique service since 2009 with an impeccable rating and service record.  They are accredited with the better business bureau and licensed with the Arizona Office of Pest Management.  Cimex K9 can be hired directly by consumers, but they also contract with over 30 pest control companies from some of the largest national companies to locally owned an operated pest control businesses.

One may wonder how this service works with these highly trained bed bug detection dogs.  There are a few different scenarios in which these dogs come in very handy.  First of all, the dogs are used in situations where bed bug activity is expected, but can’t be confirmed visually.  Secondly, the canines are used post-treatment approximately 30 days after the last treatment to ensure that the bed bugs have been eradicated.  Last of all, due to their extreme speed and accuracy the canines do a great job on large scale inspections such as call centers, hotels, hospitals and entire apartment complexes.  A typical hotel room can be inspected in about 3 minutes with a canine team versus 20-30 minutes per room without the power of the dog’s nose assisting.

If you live in Tucson or anywhere in the state of Arizona and want to start a proactive program for your business or aren’t sure if you have bed bugs contact Cimex K9 for more information.