Bed Bugs continue their assault in Arizona

By Keith Coddington


Even in Phoenix, AZ, During the colder shorter days of the winter bed bug activity often slows down.  This cyclical pattern seems to be the case nationwide.  Unfortunately for us humans the bed bugs will soon be up to full speed and at work again in the near future.

We here at Cimex K9 are ready as always for the upcoming busy bed bug season.  Bed bug activity in Arizona has increased with each passing year and we are prepared with our Canine Detection Teams to seek and destroy these blood-sucking pests.

We are often asked which areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area have the most bed bug infestations.  This question is difficult to answer.  We have been to every part of Phoenix and the state seeking out bed bugs.  The best answer to this question is simply the more densely populated the area the more likely there is to be bed bugs.  People in transit have a large impact on the bed bug population in Arizona because of the bugs excellent ability to unknowingly hitchhike whether it be to their neighbors or across the world in luggage.

Bed bugs colonize anywhere people spend periods of time stationary in a climate controlled environment.  The highest risk locations for bed bugs are locations which combine large numbers of new people coming and going that remain stationary for period of time.  Bed bugs are very shy creatures and unlike mosquitoes and other blood-suckers are very covert.  They usually only come out from hiding when all things are calm and quiet.

Bed bug treatment options in Phoenix Arizona can be very expensive which also adds to the issue as many victims with infestations are unable to afford proper treatment.  This creates a very high risk situation regarding spreading the infestation to other locations.

Here at Cimex K9 we have offered bed bug detection dog services in Phoenix and the surrounding area for 4 years and we are proud to have an excellent reputation in our field.  We do not offer treatment which provides our customers with a third party point of view since we don’t profit from treatment that may or may not be necessary.

Over the years we have saved our customers a tremendous amount of money with the use of our service.  We save our clients a significant amount of money in two ways.  First of all,  quite often we clear a suspected location clear of bed bugs which saves the customer hundreds to thousands of dollars since treatment is not necessary.  Secondly,  we can pinpoint the locations of the infestations so only the areas that are infested are treated which also saves our customers large sums of money.

For more information about how our service works please read  So you think you have bed bugs? Now what? and watch the attached video for a short sample of how our service works.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 888-928-4364

Consumer options for bed bug treatments in Phoenix, Arizona

By Keith Coddington

Cimex K9 has been working with pest control companies over the last several years and currently 30+ companies use our canine bed bug detection dog services.  Over the years we have seen it all and we have a very unique perspective regarding bed bug issues.  Read further and you will learn what types of bed bug treatments are available in the Phoenix, Arizona area and how to effectively use them.  This is first hand knowledge from a professional, not an opinion reacted without factual content.

When someone discovers a bed bug infestation or even has a hint that bed bugs may be present a sense of panic usually takes hold.  The first thing we suggest is to relax.  You are very venerable in this state of mind making you easy prey for an unethical company to take advantage of.  Many of our customers’ homes that we inspect pre-treatment do not end up having a bed bug issue and it is something else that is usually minor and nowhere near as expensive to rectify as bed bugs.

Here in Arizona we have numerous companies that provide specialized bed bug treatment options from heat treatment to fumigation to chemical only treatment.  We have found that the most economical approach is using a pre-treatment K9 bed bug inspection to identify the rooms that need to be treated and then a post K9 treatment inspection to ensure the treatment was effective.  Using this method the consumer can save hundreds if not thousands on unnecessarily treating the entire structure when a canine bed bug inspection can clear those areas at a fraction of the cost.

Here is your step by step guide:

  1. Do not panic.  If you really do have bed bugs the infestation is not going to explode or get worse in a day or even a few days.  Do not move anything!
  1. Have us identify the areas that need treated.  Hopefully it ends up not being bed bugs and you are only out the cost of the inspection.  We are a third party bed bug detection dog service that gets paid whether bed bugs are found or not so we would never recommend treatments without physical proof of an active infestation.  We are on your side and the fewer bugs found the better as far as we are concerned.
  1. If we confirm the infestation we will help you contact some of our proffered pest control companies that not only guarantee their treatment, but have an outstanding record of honest and ethical work.  We are very picky about who we work with so you can be sure the companies that we refer are a combination of effective, honest and affordable.
  1. 2-4 weeks after the treatment is complete we will conduct a post-treatment canine inspection.  If any live bed bug activity is found the pest control company that treated the area will be notified immediately and they will re-treat right away.  We will then schedule an additional post-treatment bed bug dog inspection at no additional cost to you until the treatment is effective.

For more information about Bed Bugs read this webpage from Penn State University on Bed Bugs.

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions about our services at 888-928-4364

Keith Coddington


Cimex K9