10 Reasons to use a bedbug dog

By Keith Coddington

Cimex K9, has been offering bedbug dog services since 2009.  This article will detail the benefits of being an informed and educated customer to make sure you contract only the necessary services at the best price.

1.  Accuracy:  A dog's nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than yours. Hands down our bed bug dog service is the most thorough and accurate way of detecting Bed Bug infestations. This is the main reason why over 30 pest control companies hire us to complete their inspections.

2. Unbiased:  We do not provide bed bug treatments ourselves so it doesn't

Olivia the bedbug dog sniffing an office chair

not matter to us whether we find bed bugs or not.  We only get paid for our inspection services.

3. Knowledgeable:  We are experts in bedbugs and their behavior.  We also are familiar with all the different types of treatments available.

4. Save Money:  After our inspection treatment costs can be drastically reduced by hundreds and even thousands of dollars by pin-pointing the affected areas rather than treating the entire structure when it is unnecessary.

5. Verify a treatment was effective:  Whether the pest control company you hired for treatment has worked with us in the past or not it is a good idea to have us check their work post-treatment.  If the treatment included a guarantee be sure to have us inspect before the guarantee is over.

6. Our reputation:  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and excellent online reviews.  We offer a guarantee to back up or work.  We are also one of the few detection services nationwide owned and operated by a detection dog trainer.

7.  Efficiency:  Our service is not only the most accurate, but it is much quicker than visual only inspections.  Using our canines for large-scale inspections is by far the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

8.  Response time:  For our customers within approximately 1 hour from Phoenix Arizona we rarely take more than 24 hours to show up on site and usually respond the same day you call.

9. Proof of findings:  For many situations it is important for our customer to have proof that there is or is not a bedbug infestation at the locations we inspect.  All customers receive a detailed report stating what was found and exactly where it was found.

10. Hire a Veteran and a Rescue Dog:  Cimex K9 is Veteran owned and we go out of our way to hire veteran’s as employees.  More than likely the handler completing the inspection has proudly served our country in the past.  Additionally all of our bedbug detection dogs were rescued from animal shelters and love to perform their “jobs”.

For more information please call Cimex K9 at 888-928-4364